NIISSA Synchronized Skating Camp

Over the week of the 24th-27th January Lisa came to Auckland, with thanks to NIISSA, to host a Synchronised Skating Development camp that I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend. The camp moderator, Lisa Carriere is the founder and President of the not for profit organisation One Team Movement. OTM believe that more girls and youth should have an opportunity to engage in this dynamic sport and participate in healthy living for life, whilst also sharing knowledge and promoting this unique sport worldwide. Lisa and her team have hosted many One Team Movement camps all over the world and the number of these camps being available go up every year.

During these 4 days Lisa facilitated a number of workshops from visualisation, competition preparation/team building and flexibility, all the way to top level skating skills and exercises. I had the opportunity to skate alongside a number of skaters from various teams across the country, they all bought an array of skating styles I was able to experience.  Lisa was an inspiration to myself as well as so many others, she brought a passion for growth in the sport that is completely contagious and truly authentic. An incredible ambassador for the Synchro community. I was able to gain knowledge about her experience skating in senior teams and how to transition into such a high level of Synchro, alongside ways to cope with the pressure of competing on an international stage and the challenges it may bring. Lisa also spoke to the stereotypes and generalisations the sport has often been referred to and set us up with ways we can help change the way synchro is represented in the figure skating community. 

My team, Black Ice, and Synchronised Skating in New Zealand as a whole has benefitted greatly from Lisa’s knowledge, she really highlighted what can be achieved with hard work, determination, passion and team spirit. I’m excited to see Synchronised Skating grow within New Zealand, and hope to see her return again in the near future.

Written by Melissa Laby - Club member of AIFSC


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