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In response to the New Zealand Government announcement on Saturday 14 March regarding the need for all travellers (with the exception of people coming from some Pacific Islands) to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival into New Zealand, the Australian government following suit the next day, and in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand, the following decisions have been made:

The NZIFSA April Skater Development camps have all been cancelled

This includes the Pre-Elementary to Juvenile level camps planned for Gore and Auckland, as well as the Basic Novice to Senior level camp with Ravi Walia planned for Dunedin. We will be in touch with all those who had paid for these camps to arrange the refund of the registration fees. Individuals will need to contact the airlines to try and arrange to change the dates or arrange a credit. Air New Zealand have requested that unless your flight is within the next 48 hrs that you delay calling them as they are inundated with calls at present. Please check the airline information online.

The OneTeamMVMT Camp in Melbourne has been postponed OneTeamMVMT have advised that “ With the uncertain progression of this pandemic, we will hold off on selecting a reschedule date, until 1) things return to normal, and 2) we have spoken to various stakeholders (coaches and the ice rink) to find a date that would work for as many people as possible. If we are unable to select a date in 2020, we will issue refunds for registrations.”

Oceania International Novice Competition and Coaches’ Seminar has been postponed

At this stage we are unsure of a postponement date and this will depend on many factors that will need to be considered: the COVID-19 situation, availability of officials, availability of Moderator, school exams, etc. We will advise as soon as we are able to. For this reason, we will reimburse any entry fees paid.

The NZIFSA AGM is to be held via video conference

With the current Covid-19 situation and restrictions on international travel and events, NZIFSA believe it is in the best interest of all parties to hold the NZIFSA AGM electronically (via Zoom) instead of meeting together as planned. This is a departure from what is spelt out in the Constitution regarding our AGM and the notification of meeting location, but given the current situation, we are trying to minimise any impact on our skating community and your understanding with this is greatly appreciated. The full meeting will still go ahead but we will be sending a link to join a Zoom meeting. You will be able to join individually, or you may wish to get together with members of your club. At this point, we believe the forums will still take place and will also be via Zoom. For those who have already purchased flights to the AGM, can you please contact the airline and try and arrange for these flights to be moved to another date that might suit you for personal travel, or seek a credit from the airline, if at all possible. Please note, the airlines are currently dealing with a huge influx of calls, so can you please delay contacting them at this point in time. Any questions about this please contact Anita Tamepo at or Jeanette King at

Hollins Trophy and the Selection Policy

Approvals have already been given for a number of skaters to compete at Hollins Trophy, Sydney 5-8 June. At this point in time it is too early to make a call as to whether this event will go ahead, though it does seem unlikely. NZIFSA are very aware that this is a selection competition, but with so much uncertainty there is quite a lot to work through before making any decisions about how best to manage the impact of this.

Officials training Seminars are to be held via Video conference

The following officials training seminars will still proceed but will be via video conference.

  • -Seminar for Singles Technical Specialists / Tech Controllers, Christchurch - 25 & 26 April

  • Ice-Dance Technical Specialist Training, Christchurch - 16 & 17 May

  • Ice-Dance Judge training, Christchurch - 23 & 24 May Our Officials Director,

Melissa Cummings has been in contact with all those who have registered for these seminars. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa at We had planned to run mock panels for all Competition Officials in May before the competition season gets underway. We will review this closer to the time.

Intro to Coaching Course

NZIFSA had two KiwiSkate & Introduction to Coaching courses booked in for this year. Unfortunately, the first of these that was scheduled to run in Auckland 14 & 15 March had to be postposed as the moderator could not be there for this. A decision regarding whether the remaining course goes ahead, in Dunedin 21 & 22 March, will be made on Wednesday 18 March.

COVID-19 and Test Day Etiquette

With the current situation with COVID-19 and the advice from the government and medical professionals, as a protection for all in the meantime, judges will not be shaking hands of skaters who pass their tests. Other acknowledgements, such as elbow bumps, may be given along with verbal feedback. This is simply a precaution for everyone’s well-being, rather than diminishing the acknowledgement of a skater’s accomplishment. Hopefully, this will only need to be a temporary measure.


The relevant agencies are continuing to issue the correct advice for the New Zealand context, and it is best to access the latest information directly from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and others on the front line. The situation is changing rapidly so the recommendation is to remain regularly in touch with these sources. For general information about COVID-19 please refer to the EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_03_02_09_53&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_94e5e35772- 3477ef1766-521659153


2020 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Tallinn, 2- 8 March 2020

Junior Ladies - Jojo Hong SP 45th /47

Only those skaters who place 1-24 in the Short Program get to compete the Free Skate. While Jojo did not make the Free Skate, just getting to this event has been quite an undertaking and we wish to acknowledge this achievement and the huge amount of hard work she has put into this.

If you missed this at the time, then head to the ISU YouTube channel to catch up on Junior Worlds

Skate Southern, London, United Kingdom 24-27 February 2019

Junior Ladies - Ally Landon-Lane SP 11th/15 FS 10th /14


Australia & New Zealand Adult Skating (ANZAS) Competition, Melbourne, Australia, 8 & 9 February 2020

Bronze II Ladies Free Skating Olga Levien Overall 4th/6

Bronze II Ladies Artistic Olga Levien Overall 1st/5

Silver V Freeskate Sue Hoseit Overall 2 nd/2

Silver V Artistic Sue Hoseit Overall 2nd/2

Gold II Ladies Freeskate Kelly Hoebergen Overall 1st/2

Gold II Ladies Artistic Kelly Hoebergen Overall 2nd/3


A significant number of competitions in the ISU Calendar have already been cancelled. At this point in time the following competition is still going ahead, though with the requirement to self-isolate on return and the challenges of travel at present, the skaters who intended competing may be revisiting their decisions.

ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition, Oberstdorf, Germany 17 - 23 May 2020

Bronze II Ladies Free Skating Olga Levien

Silver II Ladies Artistic Olga Levien

Silver II Men Free Skating Karl Hewitt

Silver II Men Artistic Karl Hewitt

Silver V Ladies Free Skating Sue Hoseit

Silver V Ladies Artistic Sue Hoseit


Clubs are encouraged to use the computer systems for their competitions if possible. Clubs need to book the system using the online booking form Please don’t go directly to Mike Slater or Alan Greenstreet. In completing the form clubs have to acknowledge the responsibilities they take on when using the system.


Hannah Sutton (age 12) put together the following report for us. On the 9th to the 11th Igor Tchinaev came to Gore and ran a camp for three days. It was fun and I learned lots and enjoyed it. We were taught the basics of jumps and stroking so we could move on to the higher level later. We also did dancing, yoga, a spin class, and water aerobics. He was very musical. We did improvisations at the start and the end of every session. He taught a lot of exercises that helped our stroking and edges. We did jumps for the majority of the time. He was very precise about the technique and the entry of the jump. We worked very hard and by the end, we had very sore muscles. I enjoy his coaching and so did a lot of the other skaters. I learned lots from him and we will use his coaching 5 to become a better skater.

Synchronized Skating Development Camp with Lisa Carriere, Auckland, 24 - 27 January 2020

From Amber Sims (age 8) I met Lisa for the first time at a Synchro camp last week. I loved the camp because I learnt so much from it. I learnt so many different elements and I feel I have grown strengths like faster and more powerful. I think Lisa is a wonderful, kind and amazing skater. I can’t wait for her next one she holds.

Over the weekend of 24-27 January we were fortunate enough to have a coach from Canada come over named Lisa Carriere. Lisa is the founder of the non profitable organisation called OneTeam 6 movement. Lisa helped skaters across New Zealand by sharing and teaching a variety of skills to help improve steps, stroking skills as well as synchro elements. We did a lot of turns, skills and even went back to basics such as crossovers. We also worked off the ice and learnt a whole lot of different moves which helped us get out of our comfort zone. Working with facials, expressions and levels. It was a great way to work on our confidence and facials for competition! I personally left the camp feeling more motivated and left with a range of different skills for my personal development in skating as well as team development.


The NZIFSA has two scholarships of NZ$4000 to help support skaters to train overseas for a period in 2020. Applications for the scholarships closed on 15 February. We were very pleased to have received a total of fifteen applications for the two scholarships. The Skater Scholarship Selection Committee have reviewed the applications and will advise all of the applicants of the outcome in the next two weeks. In the next newsletter we will announce who the successful applicants are.


After careful consideration the decision was made at the West Auckland Ice Skating Club AGM to dissolve the club at the end of the year. Please note, there will be no WAISC championship held this year.


As noted above, the NZIFSA AGM and forums are now to be held via video conference. 1.15 pm – 2.45 pm Forums

2.45 pm – 4 pm AGM

It is important to us that we have good representation of members from around the country. Each Club is entitled to have 3 delegates. During the AGM itself these club delegates, members of the Board, Operations Group, Development Group, Honorary Life Members, and coach members are all entitled to speak, but it’s only the nominated voting delegates that get to vote. In addition to this, any other club members of affiliated clubs are welcome to attend, but they only get to speak at the Member Forums.

We have received the following nominations for elected positions on the NZIFSA Board, Operations Group and Development Group:

Vice President (Grant Howie)

CEO (Jeanette King)

One Board Member (Laura Thompson)

General Secretary (Fiona Marsh)

Technical Director (Connor McIver)

Officials Director (Melissa Cummings)

Honorary Solicitor (Julian Airey)

Coaching Director (Caitlyn Paul, Simone Thornett). This is for a 1 year period only.

We have yet to work out how best to manage the member forums and will have more information regarding this soon. However, we can advise that member forum topics will include:

Clarification around the new competition grades

A discussion on Sport NZ’s Strategic Priorities for Investment

What are the things you most want from NZIFSA to be able to grow as skaters, coaches and/or officials?

We look forward to some constructive conversations around these forum topics.

All the best in skating

Anita Tamepo and Jeanette King

President and CEO


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