Learning to skate

New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association have developed Kiwi Skate to introduce people of all ages into ice skating.  Refer to the Learn to Skate page on the NZIFSA website.

Starting out in Figure Skating

The information in this section is designed to give newcomers to the sport practical information to help a skater get started.
Deciding which discipline
There are a number of disciplines in skating; solo, pairs, synchronised skating (a team sport) and ice dance. Each discipline has different training requirements and time commitment. For example there are a number of practice sessions each week both in the mornings and afternoons working out what is best for skater development and personal schedules is important.
Finding a coach
It is recommended that you contact your local rink or club(s) to obtain a list of coaches available in your area.  The Coaches page on the NZIFSA website contains a list of coaches at rinks throughout the country. Discuss with your prospective coach their availability, suggested training schedule for the skater, fees, and payment.
Finding skates
Skates range in style and blade type, new skates can be purchased from Paradice or alternatively for second hand skates trade me. Before purchasing skates you should discuss with your coach what would be the ideal skate to buy for your skater. Coaches will sometimes offer to go to skate fittings with a skater.
Care of your skates
Skaters should take care of their skates they are their ‘tools of the trade’. When purchasing your skates it is a good idea to buy blade guards and blade soakers. Blade guards are made of strong plastic and are designed to be worn when the skater is wearing their skates at the rink but off the ice. When a skater finishes training for the session they should dry their blades thoroughly with a towel and put the soft blade soakers on that are designed to protect the blades and draw moisture away from the blades. Once home skates should be taken out of your skate bag the blade soakers removed and the skates left out to dry (do not dry them in direct sunlight or next to a heater / dehumidifier) just leave them in a dry airy place.
Technical requirements
To be able to compete in competitions a skater must belong to a club and be TC (Test and Competition) registered. This is applied for once only and renewed on an annual basis. To find out how to become TC registered look at our "How to become TC Registered" on the Forms tab.
Grades in figure skating, dance & synchronized skating
There are a range of grades to suit skaters from beginner to 'expert'!  Please refer to the NZIFSA FAQ, and for a detailed guide to Starting Out, Grades in general, or Rules and Regulations
Developing skating skills, tests,
Like anything a skater will get better with lessons and practice. You should discuss with your coach what on ice and off ice training is required.
Skaters are required to pass tests to compete in various levels; your coach should discuss this with you and set goals for the skater to work towards.

How to become TC Registered

TC Registrations need to be renewed for every club registered skater, each skating year.  The TC registration period runs from 1 January – 31 December (along with the NZIFSA financial year), with a 3 month grace period to 31 March.  The pre-printed form is found on the NZIFSA Website as follows (http://www.nzifsa.com/)
<Click> on the Forms – tab which will display a number of forms available to each registered skaters.   See sample below:
As instructed under the TC Registration Section, if you have previously been TC registered, <click> on the myNZIFSA link which will automatically take you to your own personal log-in screen or if you are a new skater <click> on the TC Registration Form to download a blank form.
NEW Skaters please note: A copy of your birth certificate or passport is required with your TC registration so that your age can be validated.
When you , <click> on the myNZIFSA link, you will be asked to enter your personal User Name and Password, which has been allocated to you by NZIFSA.   If you have any issues with logging onto the on the myNZIFSA link, please let your Club Secretary know so that it can be follow-up with NZIFSA.
Once you are logged onto your personal myNZIFSA tab, a page with similar information will be displayed as follows:
To download your TC pre-printed registration form, please <click> on the (pre-printed form) field which will load up your personal details.

Print this document, update any incorrect information and forward the form together with your fee of $75.00 to your Club Secretary.

Please make your cheque payable to ‘Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club’ or a direct debit may be made to the following bank account:

Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club Inc
BNZ, New Lynn

02 0184 0325060 00

The details required if you are paying by direct debit are “Skaters Name” with a description of “TC Registration”

Postal Address:

Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club
PO Box 251 567


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