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The AIFSC club and committee is made up entirely of volunteers, majority of whom are parents that knew nothing about skating when they first began.

Our club is based at Paradice Ice Rink, Botany in Auckland, New Zealand. This is our main rink and where we run competitions and help facilitate the training for our skaters.


Our dedicated committee meet every month to ensure the smooth running of the sport. We run competitions, organise tests, facilitate development training and provide unity for our skaters. Any matters you would like to arise at a committee meeting can be sent to the secretary through the contact us page. New members to the committee are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting, which is available for all members to attend. 


Mike Slater

Vice President

Heng Zhang


Debbie Larsen


Lydia Leung

Synchro Co-ordinator

Debbie Groenewegen

Funding officer

Sam Snoad

Committee Members

Lance Preston

Carole Lin

Committee Members

April Li

Anna Ho

AIFSC Main Committee

Synchro Co-ordinator

Debbie Groenewegen

Black ice manager & Treasurer

Sam Snoad

ice angel managers

Angela Aitken

Belinda Sims

Snow Angel Manager

Anne Cooper

Silver Angel Manager

Michelle Lyons


Natalie Hughes

Charlotte Van Uden

Preeya Laud


Sabrina Snoad

Yasmin Walker

Neske Groenewegen

Victoria Heald

Georgia Hessel

AIFSC Synchro Sub-Committee

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