AIFSC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 Saturday, 15 July 2017 (8.00am - 11:45am) AND Sunday, 16 July 2017 (8.00am - 11:45am)

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Selections from the 2016 NZ Ice Figure Skating Championships

The following AIFSC skaters have been selected to the various squads. Congratulations to you all.

International A Team Representatives
Advanced Novice Ladies Jojo Hong
Junior Ladies Tracy Danbrook
Junior Men Harrison Bain
Senior Ladies Allie Rout

Australian Figure Skating Championships
Advanced Novice Ladies Jojo Hong
Junior Ladies Tracy Danbrook
Junior Men Harrison Bain
Senior Ladies Allie Rout

NZIFSA Development Squad
Pre-Elementary Ladies Marina Chen
Ann Kyle
Cara Tang
Juvenile Ladies Emmanuel Tsang
Cordelia Shi
Juvenile Men Stepan Kadlcik
Novice Ladies Jojo Hong
Junior Ladies Tracy Danbrook
Junior Men Harrison Bain
Senior Ladies Allie Rout
Juvenile Synchro Botany Blades

New Zealand Skaters at 2015 Australian National Championships

Good luck to AIFSC club members Tracy Danbrook (Junior Ladies) and Harrison Bain (Novice Men) as they head to Sydney to represent New Zealand at the 2015 Australian National Championships 27 November to 4 December.

Other New Zealand skaters joining them are as follows; Junior Men Michael Durham and Brian Lee, Junior Ladies Brooke Tamepo, Christina Floka and Preeya Laud, Novice Ladies Anastasia Kuznetsova and Zara Anthony-Whigham, Intermediate Ladies Emma Taggart, Primary Ladies Ella Smith and Pei-Lin Lee and Novice Dance Couple Emma Cunningham and Jake Meyer.

To keep track of the results just follow this link

NZ National Championship to be held at Paradice Ice Arena, Botany

Come and support your local skaters at the NZ National Championships - details as follows:

Thursday 23rd September 1.15pm - 5.00pm
Friday 24th September 1.30pm - 6.30pm
Saturday 25th September 10.15am - 12.15pm
Sunday 26th September 8.00am - 12.15pm

Day Pass: $5 Child/senior $10 adult $15 family
All Event: $10 child/senior $20 adult $30 family

For more details go to NZIFSA Competitions page

Congratulations to all our NZ National Championship competitors there were some very good results. The following skaters placed in their respective grades:

Senior Ladies – 1 st Allie Rout
Junior Ladies – 2 nd Tracy Danbrook
Novice Men – 1 st Harrison Bain
Intermediate Ladies – 2 nd Sara Reynolds
Juvenile Men – 2 nd Stepan Kadlcik
Novice Synchronized – 1 st Synergice
Adult Silver I Ladies – 1 st Claudia Riley, 2nd Juliette Sivertsen
Adult Interpretive Silver Ladies – 1 st Claudia Riley

Congratulations also goes to the following skaters who made NZIFSA International selections, Australian Nationals and Development squads.

International A Team Representatives
Senior Ladies – Allie Rout
Advanced Novice Men – Harrison Bain

International B Team Representatives
Junior Ladies – Tracy Danbrook

Australian Figure Skating Championships
Senior Ladies – Allie Rout
Junior Ladies – Tracy Danbrook
Novice Men – Harrison Bain
Intermediate Ladies – Sara Reynolds
Novice Synchronized - Synergice

NZIFSA Development Squad
Senior Ladies – Allie Rout
Junior Ladies – Tracy Danbrook
Novice Men – Harrison Bain

As a result of these very good results AIFSC and DISC jointly shared the ALLCHURCH Shield. The Shield is named after Sandy Allchurch and is awarded to the club that gets the highest number of points, based on where their members place in the various grades, at our New Zealand National and Adult Skating Championships. Sandy Allchurch was actively involved in the Association for many years and was at the inaugural meeting in June 1937 of what was, until 2011, the New Zealand Ice Skating Association. Sandy was also Patron for our Association for many years, and was very dedicated to supporting ice skating. Being able to present this award each year is a rather special acknowledgement to Sandy and the contribution that he, and others like him, have made to our sport.

Other Awards at NZ Nationals for our AIFSC Skaters and Adminstrators

NZIFSA Administrator of the Year

Congratulations to both Derryn Neaves and Anita Tamepo (Secretary for WASIC) who shared this award.

Derryn is Treasurer for AIFSC, and from the nomination we received, clearly does an outstanding job of keep track of the finances and providing really useful monthly reports to the committee. But in addition to that she puts her hand up to help on competition days, taken on data replay role, has managed to convince her boss to do all the printing of judges sheets for comps, including NI's and Nationals, is there for all the fundraising activities, is there to help out with costumes, makeup, transport etc. In all these roles she clearly makes a very valuable contribution to the running of the club.

NZIFSA Sportsperson of the Year

For 2015, is award went to Charlotte van Uden who started skating in 2003 when she was 6. Charlotte is incredibly hard working and very determined. She has set herself many skating related goals and has striven hard to achieve them. Charlotte is an incredibly good sport and is never heard saying a bad word about anyone. She always takes the time to smile and interact with younger skaters and is always positive and supportive of them our on the ice. Charlotte always remembers to congratulate other skaters and constantly displays the very best of attitude – making her a great role model for other skaters. Charlotte has also worked as a skate school coach, and been part of the "Disney squad", showing great team spirit and the ability to work with skaters of all ages and abilities.

Congratulations to the following AIFSC competitors who placed at the recent AIFSC Championships, at Paradice Ice Arena, Botany over the weekend 18 - 19 July 2015. For a full list of results please go to the NZIFSA Website

Please also see the article in our local newspaper the Howick and Pakuranga Times

For more photos please go the

Pre-Elementary Ladies
2nd Jordan Laker
3rd Nicole Cao

Elementary Ladies
1st Neske Groenewegen
2nd Han Na Shin
3rd Cordelia Shi

Juvenile Ladies O12
1st Nicola Bebelman

Juvenile Men U12
1st Stepan Kadlcik

Pre Primary Ladies
2nd Sabrina Snoad

Intermediate Ladies
1st Alicia Dennis

Novice Ladies
1st Charlotte van Uden

Novice Men
1st Harrison Bain

Silver 1 Ladies
1st Claudia Riley
2nd Juliette Sivertsen

Juvenile Synchronized
1st Botany Bladettes

Novice Synchronized
1st Synergice

AIFSC Special Awards went to the following club skaters:
Artistic Interpretation (Pre Elementary/Elementary Ladies) - Jordan Laker
Most Artistic Skater - Harrison Bain
Most Promising Skater - Stepan Kadlcik